sunny sunroof sunday postponed to 2022


And here we are again, about 9 months later – and nothing new under the sun. Despite al these difficult months, I really tought I would be able to organise a FREDDYFILES SHOW in 2021. But it does not seem that way. At this moment the sanitary crisis caused by the COVID-19 is starting to come down really slowly, and if nothing goes wrong, we would be allowed to see more people by end of february 2021. It is logic that in those conditions a mass event CANNOT take place in March in Ninove 2021.

With our FREDDYFILES team, we will plan a new Freddyfiles for march 2022 … a correct date will be communicated later.

Opening the show season with meet at a brewery, a night out on the town followed by 1000+ Air-Cooled vehicles invading a picturesque Belgium town… As a VW enthusiast what more could you possibly want?

Ned Faux

Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.

Niels Timmerman

It’s an honnor to see all the participants arriving – when i see the participants are happy – and all is well organised – I’m happy too !

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