sunny sunroof sunday

Here we go again, organising that cozy gettogheter in Ninove, named the Freddyfiles, this year powered by Airmighty and Hayburner … This year it’s all about the sunroofs and ragtops … hence the sunny sunroof sunday hastag #sunnysunroofsunday. Metal or Volkswagen fabrik – it really doesn’t matte ! They both open up a view to the sunny skies from within your car !

Opening the show season with meet at a brewery, a night out on the town followed by 1000+ Air-Cooled vehicles invading a picturesque Belgium town… As a VW enthusiast what more could you possibly want?

Ned Faux

Veel meer dan onze talenten, zijn het onze keuzes die bepalen wie we werkelijk zijn.

J. K. Rowling

It’s an honnor to see all the participants arriving – when i see the participants are happy – and all is well organised – I’m happy too !

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